New Product!!

The folks at Firebee Honey have developed a beef jerky that is absolutely a customer favorite. From the first time we offered free samples, this delicious product has continued to fly out the door. The sweet and tangy flavor is a perfect blend that compliments USA beef. Two factors that really drew my interest in this product: it’s a local product and I can pronounce all the ingredients listed on the packaging! But then there’s the flavor… the perfect blend of sweet and spicy! Wow. Thus the reason I have no trouble creating repeat customers: this delicious jerky sells itself!

Firebee has been creating other products for some time… uniquely flavored honeys like chocolate and elderberry plus their outstanding BBQ sauce. Like seriously… I specifically requested my husband’s home smoked ribs with Firebee BBQ sauce as my birthday. It was the perfect celebratory meal! A quick browse of their Facebook page and you’ll find hundreds of other folks who’re addicted to the aromatic and flavorful treats.

Purchasing from local companies is especially important to me. Knowing I am, in turn, providing my customers with a quality product is just as important. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the customer service or products available from Firebee!