A “Rite of Passage”

Deer hunting has been a part of our lives for many years. Chris alone has tagged more than 70 deer over the past 22+ years of our marriage. We rely on the tasty meat to fill our freezer and look forward to each year’s hunt. We even close our doors each year for the opening day of rifle season – which, at our house, is about as exciting as Christmas!! Whether it’s archery or rifle, each hunt is enjoyed to the fullest even when deer are scarce. Something about just getting away from the daily routine and watching a sunset or sunrise from the woods. Birds are singing, squirrels chatter, and from across the way, turkeys call to one another. If you’re lucky, you may even see a coon or bobcat!

For our boys, who’ve grown up around hunters, there’s nothing like the feeling of getting their tags! Tags mean you’re officially ready for the hunt. It means you’ve joined a class of society that speaks their own special language. A hunting tag represents the right to tell your own story of the illusive big one that inevitably “got away”. And when you’ve done all you can do, you get your own chance to take another deer down.

Sadly, much has changed over the years. Technology has changed the course of nearly everything – yes, even deer hunting. We miss the days of “check in”. When you drove to the designated location to show off your trophy and tell your story. The camaraderie and friendly rivalry shared at the check-in is a part of conservation’s past.

Tag sales are becoming a part of that past as well. As hunters are directed to apps and websites for tag purchases, we are no longer given the opportunity to see their smile and their eyes light up in anticipation of the hunt. And while some still chose to use the paper tag, most have switched to the hand held device: a smart phone. That app now allows a tag to be purchased and the deer checked in.

Thankfully, our boys have had the pleasure of purchasing a tag that comes like a “rite of passage”. The pride and anticipation they feel as they sign those tags can’t be found in an electronic device. Today was a big day for them as we printed off those tags and they carefully signed them. Youth season, held the last weekend of October, gives the younger generation a chance at the big bucks before the more experienced hunters take them down. The boys are ready. They anxiously await those early morning hours to hear Daddy say “Boys, let’s go hunting”!

Go Chiefs!!

Do I really even need to ask? Who are you rooting for during this afternoon’s match up? Of course, here we are Chiefs all the way!

This rainy, misty weather makes me want to curl up on the couch with a cup of joe and my favorite blankie while watching tonight’s match up. Lucky for me, we keep hot chocolate and coffee here at the store. If you’re hankering for a hot drink, stop by!

Website Usage

I finally got this new site up and going… but then I asked myself the question: have I just made a huge mistake? Our Google domain had decent amount of web traffic. Who was using it and why? Was it someone needing directions? A phone number? I’m not sure but I sure hope that whomever used the site is able to find the same information today. Or even better information.

You’re here – what brought you to this site? Were you able to easily find it? How can I improve this site? Feedback is so vital to business owners and I value yours as well!

Lumber Futures

If you’ve recently priced lumber, you know pricing has gone through the roof. (Pun intended!!) We’re not really sure what’s to blame: COVID or the housing market. Either way, most dimensional lumber pricing has nearly tripled over the past six months. Pricing and shut downs at the Canadian border has made lumber hard to come by and made estimates especially challenging.

The good news is we have noticed a slight downward turn in some pricing. Treated lumber is still seriously overpriced, but #2 lumber is slowly starting to give us a break. Hopefully the trend continues as projected!

Web Design 101

For anyone wondering, I know very little about web design. I tell myself that anyone can do it but today has proven otherwise. As I scratch my head, open yet one more tab, and try to come up with the correct Google search words, I realize there’s a reason web design is so expensive. It’s not for the faint of heart. Web designers apparently earn every penny they make.

The intent of this web site is to keep you, our #1 customer, informed of upcoming events, changes in hours, and other such interesting tidbits. Keep coming back. Bookmark us. Or even better yet, come on in. We prefer face-to-face communication!