About Us

Chris, Nettie, Elijah, and Gabriel Beard

On a hot August day in 1990, Chris was working on a roof when Mark Abts approached him with a job offer. Chris accepted and thirty years later, is owner and operator of the lumberyard. At the time he was hired, Chris never dreamed he would be here 30 years later but has no regrets.

Chris and his wife, Nettie, along with their two boys work hard every day to ensure all customers are treated with honesty and integrity.

Timothy Miller

Timothy began working for Liberal Building Supply in November 2016. He and his family moved from the Fort Smith, AR area to Liberal and have made their home here since. He now assists with purchasing, customer orders, as well as many other services. Timothy is known for his kindness, generosity, and willingness to please customers.

Fun fact: Timothy and Nettie are siblings… don’t be surprised by a bit of sibling rivalry and tom-foolery between these two!