October 31st

Tomorrow is a big day for a lot of people! Many are anxiously preparing for that big day!

Snacks and candy? Check.
Face paint? Check.
Head lamp? Check.
Alarm set? Check…

Now I don’t know what holiday you’re referring to, but around our house October 31st this year represents one holiday: Youth Firearm Season! Maybe at your house it represents something entirely different, but for us, deer season takes top priority this weekend. What about your household? My boys have been counting down the days for some time.

We here at the store fully support our youth who love to get out and enjoy the challenge of rifle hunting. We also want to support all the youth who may not be rifle hunting. Although we’re only open until noon on the 31st, we welcome our youth to stop by for candy. All hunters can get a free soda or hot chocolate to go along with their candy.

We hope to see you on the 31st!

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